Siberled is founded by Bahar Lighting for the purpose of acting as solution provider in architectural LED lighting business for at 2005. With lots of project experiences and technical know-how about production an installing, it is open to have further projects. The team consist of engineers and industrial designers. With full automatical SMT line and big capability of metal processing, siberled cover almost all needs of architectural lighting. Thanks to newest equipments of optical and electrical tests and C-Type Goniophotometer, all products produced by siberled have detailed analysis and reports. Siberled is willing to serve as partner rather than seller or just manufacturer.

Siberled is giving service on these topics:

Product specification
A product specification sheet is available for every product in the siberled range; each sheet includes all the information you need in one place to be able to specify the product; technical properties, images, test reports…

In order to achieve a better understanding of siberled products, providing samples where necessary is very useful.

Photometric data
All of the products in the siberled range have been independently photometrically tested. These are also regularly updating as the LED technology begins to improve and outputs increase. Files are available in IES and LDT format on each products web page.

Rapid Prototyping
Not only providing standart catalouge products, but also improving customized products corresponding to specific case and need of project. Fast making of new prototypes and flexiblity in production is giving chance to client feel free in design and applications.